MotifMine TournamentBase
  • 1st STEP
    Put the pieces on the board, by selecting the fields. Select the piecetype by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the applet.
    Check if the correct color-to-move is selected. By default its White to move. (You can toggle side-to-move by clicking this button: )
  • 2nd STEP
    Click on this button: to find Motifes exactly alike the position shown on the board above.
    Click on this button: to find Motifs with at least pieces at the fields shown on the board above

    Or click on this button: to stop searching by applet and return to normals search screen
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    The MotifsMine ('MM') is an initiative started in the nineties by Rob Spijkers and contained, at the time of import to TournamentBase 77004 motifs ! A real 'goldmine' of Motifs, unfortunatly not realy known by many Draughtsplayers or Composers

    Rob has made his collected motifs available to TournamentBase, making the MotifMine available to the general public. De MotifMine offers a wealth of endgames that many drafts players can indulge in.

    The TournamentBase MotifMine can be searched in different ways. Searching on position is useful for composers. There is also the option to search for a part of the position (simular). Here you fill in a few pieces and the Motifs are found where at least the filled fields match. Searching on Source/Books or Authors/Composers is also possible and makes it very suitable for endgame training. (click on the TB icon in the search form to view all sources and authors)

    In addition, it is now also possible to add Motifs yourself. In this way even more people can work on MotifMine and it can be expanded even further!
    Furthermore, a link has been made with the compositions page. This allows compositions to be linked to Motifs. Under the Composition you will find an overview of Motifs that occur in the Composition

    The motifs have been provided with a "sharp" solution with the help of TurboDambase by Klaas Bor. This applies to motifs with a maximum of 8 pieces. In addition, all motifs have been checked with KingsRow (with 8-piece endgame database) and the status field shows whether there is a win and for which color. If you have found a solution, do not hesitate to add it via the add button, so that everyone can share the fun endgames and solutions.