Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup 2020


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Timecontrol: Fischertempo, 45 minutes + 60 seconds/move
 19-12-2020 Piet Bouma:

Fantastic combination in last round Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup

Yesterday the last round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup was played. Leader Stsiapan Darashenka did not much effort to win his last game. The same was true for his opponent Daniele Macali, so a typical “grandmaster draw” was the result. For the second place there was a lot of struggle. Gerrit Draaisma played again a strong classical game and defeated Moreno Manzana and got the silver medal. The two young Belarusian players Heorhi Vydzerka and Yauhen Zhukouski had an exciting game which Yauhen won by a very spectacular combination (five in a row and ending in a king over three pieces). The most beautiful combination of the whole tournament and a game for grandmasters to analyse!
Wiel Maertdorf also won, but ended fourth. He will be disappointed while he had in the sixth round a good chance to beat Zhukouski, the bronze medallist.
Wout Vanneste dropped one place and became leader of a group of four players with 9 points.
Piet Roozenboom missed winning chances against Julien Clément, while it was also amazing how Jean-Louis Farcy did score a point out of a losing position against Danila Lapchuk.
Teamclassification (for the time being).
Because the games Pranay Vadhera - Adrie Koedoet and Sanjeev Vaid – Madhva Sharma are not played yesterday, the scores of Various Netherlands and SDFOI can change. For the time being I have decided that the results of these games are both 1-1. Maybe the games will be played although Adrie Koedoot has not time for it this weekend.
The provisional rankings:
1. Belarus youth team 39 pts.
2. Various Netherlands, BelFraCam 33 pts.
4. Dama Latina 32 pts.
5. Frisian Flag 27 pts.
6. Schollekoppen 26 pts.
7. SDFOI 23pts.
I like to thank all players for their sporting participation. Compliments for the beginning players of India, with a good result for Mukul Thakur (20th place with two wins against Dutch players). Also many thanks for support by an international referee, who checked the Swiss pairings every round.
Next tournament will start in January: The Toernooibase Lidraughts Provincie (Provincial) Cup
Still not so many enthusiasm from Dutch provinces, clubs and players. Teams of ten persons seems too much effort, but teams of five persons (combinations of clubs also allowed) looks possible.
A team of ten persons will then be divided in two teams. In Gelderland (and maybe also Belgium) there is now some initiative. Registration (also individual players) before 24 December. After that day I will compose the teams.
With six teams of five persons, the tournament will be played!
Remains for me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and stay healthy in these difficult times!
Piet Bouma
 Gewijzigd op 20-12-2020.
 06-12-2020 Piet Bouma:

Okay pairings round 7 are online.
Round 7 has to be played on Friday 18th December or earlier on lidraughts. Please notify me if game is being played on earlier date.
A lot of succes in this final round!

 Gewijzigd op 06-12-2020.
 05-12-2020 Piet Bouma:

Players from youth team Belarus still lead the Hybrid League Cup

After the sixth round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup the Belarusian team is still on the lead. They scored yesterday four points. Dama Latina is now the number two (yesterday six points!) and BelFraCam follows at third place. Complete standings:

1. Belarus  35 pts.

2. Dama Latina 29 pts.
3. BelFraCam 28 pts.
4. Various Netherlands 27 pts.
5. Frisian Flag 26 pts.
6. Schollekoppen 21 pts
7. SDFOI 17 pts.

So still a lot of tension on second place and further.


In the individual classification Stsiapan Darashenka has now a two-point lead over Gerrit Draaisma. Darashenka defeated his fellow countryman Heorhi Vydzerka in a typical classical game, while Draaisma could not beat Daniele Macali. Wiel Maertzdorf missed according to the computer programs two winning moves against Yauhen Zhukouski, who now is on third place, leading a group of nine players with eight points. The Belgium player Wout Vanneste jumped surprising to fourth place, and Luitzen van der Heide (Frisian Flag) got also in this group of eight points with a long (winning) endgame against Julien Clement. So here much tension around the places of honor: silver and bronze. Darashenka seems out of reach.
The game between the players of India Madhav Sharma and Bhuranyu Mahajan was not played. Maybe the game still will be played, otherwise this will be a regulatory 0-0.

Tomorrow the pairings of the last round, which round will be played on 18th December or earlier. We are preparing a new tournament with lidraughts which will start in the new year.

 Gewijzigd op 05-12-2020.
 22-11-2020 Piet Bouma:

Well pairings round 6 are on-line.

Round six has to be played on Friday 4th December 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time or earlier on lidraughts. Please notify me if the game is being played on an earlier data.

A lot of succes in the sixth round!

 Gewijzigd op 03-12-2020.
 21-11-2020 Piet Bouma:


Stsiapan Darashenka alone in the lead

After the fifth round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup the Belarusian player Stsiapan Darashenka has the sole lead with 9 out of 5. He won yesterday against top seed  (on rating) Erik van de Weerdhof. Van de Weerdhof walked into a trick and resigned after 19 moves.
Gerrit Draaisma played a draw against Wiel Maertzdorf and got one point behind. And Heorhi Vydzerka also got 8 out of 5, with a win against Julien Clément.
Six players have 7 points, with  two players form Belarus and two players from Dama Latina. Wiel Maertzdorf and organizer Piet Bouma (lucky draw against Yauhen Zhukouski) are also in this group.

The team Belarus has now 31 points in het team classification. On quite a distance Various Netherlands (24), BelFraCam (24) and Dama Latina (23) fight for the second place. Frisian Flag (21) and Schollekoppen (19) have lost connection, and SDFOI closes the line-up with 13 points. One game between Mukul Thakur and Hanny de Vaal-Kokshoorn is not played yesterday. Maybe today they can complete round 5.

So in the individual classification and in the League the Belarusian players have a strong position. Maybe they compete in the next rounds between themselves and pursuers can still get a role in the race on the top position.
Tomorrow pairings of round 6, which round will be played on 4th December or earlier.

 Gewijzigd op 21-11-2020.
 08-11-2020 Piet Bouma:


Well pairings round 5 are on-line.

Round five has to be played on Friday 20th November 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time or earlier on lidraughts. Please notify me if the game is being played on an earlier data.

A lot of succes in the fifth round!

 07-11-2020 Piet Bouma:


Belarus youth team has strengthened the leadership

After the fourth round of the Hybrid League Cup the Belarus youth team has managed to increase the lead. By wins of Heorhi Vydzerka en Danila Lapchuk and two draws, they got now a three point head start to Various Netherlands. Only Erik van de Weerdhof of that team got a winning game, although Piet Rozenboom from Schollekoppen had several chances to a draw. Further ranking did not change. The chasing teams are close together:

1. Belarus 24 pts
2. Various Netherlands 21 pts.
3. BelFraCam 20 pts.
4. Dama Latina 19 pts.
5. Frisian Flag 18 pts.
6. Schollekoppen 14 pts.
7. SDFOI 10 pts.

In the personal rankings there is a status quo, which we also often see in a normal international Swiss tournament. The top did play draws, so some players came closer in the following group. Wout Vanneste from Belgium, Erik van de Weerdhof and Julien Clément from France have now also six points. Moreno Manzana from Italy did also had chances but missed a good possibilty against Yauhen Zhukouski. 
Stsiapan Darashenka and Gerrit Draaisma are still on the lead with 7 out of 4 after their mutual division of points. Darashenka played on for a long time in a three to one situation, but Draaisma didn't budge in the long endgame.

Tomorrow the pairings of the fifth round, which will be played on Friday 20th November.

 Gewijzigd op 07-11-2020.
 25-10-2020 Piet Bouma:


Well pairings round 4 are on-line.

Round four has to be played on Friday 6th November 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time or earlier on lidraughts. Please notify me if the game is being played earlier.
Watch it! In the Netherlands this weekend we have changed from summertime to wintertime. So the time difference with other countries can be changed!
A lot of succes in the fourth round!

 24-10-2020 Piet Bouma:


Darashenka and Draaisma in the lead

After the third round in the Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup Belarusian youthplayer Stsipian Darashenka and Dutchman Gerrit Draaisma have a full score: 3-6. Today two games were played postponed: one of them the topgame between Draaisma and Heorhi Vydzerka. Draaisma surprisingly won with a sacrifice that Vydzerka had probably seen too late. Yesterday Darashenka won against Moreno Manzana and Yauhen Zhukouski (now third) played a draw against Daniele Macali. 
So the Italian players did lose the mini-match against Belarus. 
In the teamrankings Various Netherlands and BelFraCam have now passed Dama Latina. And the debuting team from India (SDFOI) is coming closer to the Schollekoppen, So tension at the top and tail!

Ranking of teams:
1. Belarus 18 pts.
2. Various Netherlands 17 pts.
3. BelFraCam 16 pts.
4. Dama Latina 15 pts.
5. Frisian Flag 13 pts.
6. Schollekoppen 11 pts.
7. SDFOI 8 pts.

Tomorrow the pairings of the fourth round will be published.

 Gewijzigd op 24-10-2020.
 11-10-2020 Piet Bouma:


Well pairings round 3 are on-line.
Sanjeev Chawla has matched the Dummy and gets for the time being two points for free. Only when there is a Dutch volunteer to complete the number of players he will play.
Two interesting confrontations Italy – Belarus:
Moreno Manzana against Stsiapan Darashenka and Daniele Macali meets leader Yauhen Zhukouski. Important for the teamclassification!

Round three has to be played on Friday 23d October 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time or earlier on lidraughts. Please notify me if the game is being played earlier.
And: when you make/accept the challenge on lidraughts, please check the right nickname of your opponent (see playerslist), so you don’t play against the wrong person.
Also check the timecontrol: 45 min. + 60 sec./move.
A lot of succes in third round!

 10-10-2020 Piet Bouma:

Belarus and Dama Latina fight for pole position

In the second round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup the Italian and Belarus players made very good scores yesterday. And after this evening when also two games were played eight players from this countries are classified in the top ten.
Yauhen Zhukouski is the leader of the five players with four points, followed by Moreno Manzana, Heorhi Vydzerka, Stsiapan Darashenka and Gerrit Draaisma.
Zhukouski had yesterday a bit of luck, because Erik van de Weerdhof did not see a winning forcing. And Piet Rozenboom played a very good game against Heorhi Vydzerka, but a blooper at the end gave the two points to the winner of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Summer Cup. Two players from India got a draw against two players of the Schollekoppen, so they are also on the scoreboard. Wiel Maertzdorf missed a chance to get to the top. With a piece ahead against Roberto Senesi he could not find a winning position.

Score of the teams after the second round:
1. Belarus 15 pts.
2. Dama Latina 13 pts.
3. Various Netherlands, Frisian Flag, BelFraCam 9 pts.
6. Schollekoppen 8 pts.
7. SDFOI 2 pts.

Tomorrow the pairings of the third round. 
Jeroen Gijsbers has decided to stop with the tournament. So we have an odd number of players. Maybe a Dutch player wants to take his place. Then also the team Various Netherlands is complete again. Please let me now as soon as possible!
Otherwise the Dummy will be in the pairings.

 Gewijzigd op 10-10-2020.
 09-10-2020 Jeroen Gijsbers:
Hoi piet zou je mij willen af melden van dit toernooi groetjes Jeroen
 28-09-2020 Piet Bouma:


Okay, first round is played.
Only the game Raymond Vandecaetsbeek – Sanjeev Vaid is postponed and will be played tomorrow. (Raymond won.)
Most surprising was the win of Gerda van der Meijden against Jean-Louis Farcy. So she took the lead. Players from Italy and Belarus also scored very well. The debut of the players of India was so far not so successful. 
Interim score of the teams:
1. Dama Latina and Belarus  8 pts.
3. Various Netherlands 6 pts
4. Frisian Flag 5 pts.
5. Schollekoppen and BelFraCam 4 pts.
7. SDFOI 0 pts.

The pairings of round two are published:
Round two has to be played on Friday 9th October 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time or earlier on lidraughts.
Special attention for the timecontrol: 45 min. + 1 min/move.
Sometimes players set accidentallly 45 min. + 1sec/move in lidraughts. This is not correct.
Well a lot of succes in second round!

 Gewijzigd op 03-10-2020.
 23-09-2020 Piet Bouma:

Marco Mies is withdrawing from tournament. So Stsiapan Darashenka gets a reglementary victory.
The game Raymond Vandecaetsbeek - Sanjeev Vadi is postponed. Raymond had a crash of computer
and computer is at repairman. The game will be played next week.

 Gewijzigd op 23-09-2020.
 13-09-2020 Piet Bouma:

Okay, pairings first round (25th september or earlier) are on-line. There is an odd number of participants. I have paired myself first round to Dummy with a draw because on the 25th I cannot play. 
I have decided that still players/teams can subscribe for this competition till 25th september. They then get also a draw against Dummy (and maybe I can pair them to themselves for the first round).
Players from India have confirmed that despite of the time difference they can play at 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time.
Please check regularly the inbox of Lidraughts if there are messages from your opponent, to check if he/she wants to play on other date or time. See also the manual: How to contact with my opponent in Lidraughts
Please also let me know when the game is played on another date.
For people who first use Lidraughts, see also the manual: How to challenge your opponent for the game. (And when you see as experienced player at Lidraughts that your opponent is on-line, you can of course also challenge your opponent with black).
Well, have a nice tournament!

 Gewijzigd op 13-09-2020.
 04-09-2020 Jeroen Gijsbers:
Hoi piet zou u mij willen toevoegen voor de toernooi groetjes Jeroen
 29-08-2020 Piet Bouma:


Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup
Following up on the Summer Cup, I am launching another online tournament:
The “Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup”.
- personal tournament seven rounds Swiss by rating
- games are played in lidraughts, rankings in Toernooibase
- but in addition… .. a team classification. How does that work:
A team can be formed by players. This can be done per club, city, province, region,
country and even continent. Therefore the word hybrid. (Both personal and teams,
but the teams can also be composed in different situations as an extra).
For example, a team of TTS Surhuisterveen can be formed and in addition
a team from the province of Friesland. And to set it up internationally. For example a team from WDC Heule, but also a team from Belgium (and possibly even a team from the province of Antwerp). And of course a team from South America can also play.
The team consists of a minimum of four players. If more than four players (5 to 7) are
the results of the top four players in the team classification are included. At eight
players it is of course logical that the teams are split.
Players can put together a team themselves and report this to me. Individuals can also register with me and if I see there is some corresponding between four players based on one of the above principles, I will form a team myself.
The team classification will be kept by me in Excel and will be published after each round.
- Purpose: During these corona times, team competitions may be avoided by some players, while some clubcompetitions may not be played.
This is then an alternative. A personal and simultaneous team competition where those players (and of course also others, who want to participate in this online tournament) can still practice their favourite draughts sport.
- Program. One round every two weeks. The intention is then every Friday 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time (earlier in those two weeks is of course also possible after mutual consultation). And then pairings next round every Sunday.
1st round:  Fri 25-09-2020 Pairings: Sun 13-09-2020
2nd round: Fri 09-10-2020 Pairings: Mon / Tue 28/29 09-2020 (have a long
weekend planned).
3rd round: Fri 23-10-2020 Pairings: Sun 11-10-2020
4th round: Fri 06-11-2020 Pairings: Sun 25-10-2020
5th round: Fri 20-11-2020 Pairings: Sun 8-11-2020
6th round: Fri 04-12-2020 Pairings: Sun 22-11-2020
7th round: Fri 18-12-2020 Pairings: Sun 6-12-2020
Competition Conditions.
- Time control 45 min. + 60 sec.
Games must be played on or before the relevant Friday on lidraughts.
It should simply be possible to play a game within those fourteen days.
Unsubscribe. If a player is unable to play in a period, the player is not paired and is drawn against a dummy. The player must report me this before the pairing is made. 
I assume that this will hardly be the case.
- Fair play:
Of course fair play rules apply again. If there are signs that the player is playing with a computer program or other aids, the player will be removed from the ranking and games will be declared lost. In doing so, the player in question also disadvantages his team. For the other team members - if one has suspicions - of course a motivation to keep the entire team “fair play”.
In addition, I give myself the right to refuse players. Not because those players have been diagnosed with cheating, but to protect them from themselves.
- Disadvantage: hitting teammates in the pairings. Since it is a personal tournament, the chances of meeting teammates are of course quite high. Then fewer points can be divided. I assume that this disadvantage will be about the same for each team. If there is a mutual team game, a draw may be agreed. Of course it is more fun to just play that game.
- Registration before: September 10, 2020 at If it concerns a team: team name, names team members, e-mail addresses members team, nicknames members team in lidraughts
- The tournament starts when there is a minimum of 30 players (I assume that seven teams can be formed then).
- Pairings are done in the programm Toernooimanager.
- In case of other unforeseen circumstances, the organizer decides. And that’s me, who of course is supported and advised by others
- Further information will be shared as soon as possible in Toernooibase(such as manuals, etc.).
- Possibly also with advice on how the use of chatbox and a one-to-one connection with Skype can make contact with the opponent more fun.
Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup
In vervolg op de Summer Cup lanceer ik opnieuw een online-toernooi: 
De “Toernooibase Lidraughts Hybrid League Cup”.
- persoonlijk toernooi zeven ronden Zwitsers op rating
- partijen worden in lidraughts gespeeld, persoonlijk klassement in Toernooibase
- maar daarnaast….. een teamklassement. Hoe zit dat in elkaar:
Er kan door spelers een team gevormd worden. Dit kan per club, stad, provincie, regio,
land en zelfs continent. Daardoor het woord hybride. (Zowel persoonlijk als teams,
maar de teams kunnen als extra ook nog op verschillende situaties samengesteld worden).
Er kan bijvoorbeeld een team van TTS Surhuisterveen gevormd worden en daarnaast
een team van de provincie Friesland. En om het internationaal neer te zetten. Bijv. een team van WDC Heule, maar ook een team van België (en eventueel zelfs nog een team uit de provincie Antwerpen). En uiteraard kan er ook een team uit Zuid-Amerika meespelen.
Het team bestaat uit minimaal vier spelers. Bij meer dan vier spelers (5 t/m 7) worden
de resultaten van de beste vier spelers in het teamklassement meegeteld. Bij acht
spelers is het natuurlijk weer logisch dat de teams gesplitst worden.
Spelers kunnen zelf onderling een team samenstellen en dit aan mij doorgeven. Individueel mag men zich ook bij mij opgeven en als ik een overeenkomst zie tussen vier spelers op basis van één van bovenstaande uitgangspunten, dan vorm ik zelf een team.
Het teamklassement zal door mij in Excel worden bijgehouden en na elke ronde wordt
dit gepubliceerd.
- Doel: Het kan dat tijdens deze coronatijden teamcompetities door een aantal spelers gemeden wordt, terwijl sommige clubcompetities en onderlinge competities misschien niet eens van de grond komen. 
Dit is dan een alternatief. Een persoonlijke en gelijktijdige teamcompetitie waarbij die spelers (en uiteraard ook anderen, die in dit online toernooi willen meedoen) toch hun denksport kunnen beoefenen. 
- Programma. Eén keer in de twee weken spelen. Bedoeling is dan elke vrijdag 19.00 uur (eerder in die twee weken kan natuurlijk na onderling overleg ook). En dan elke zondag weer de paring.
1e ronde: vr. 25-09-2020 Paring: zo 13-09-2020
2e ronde: vr  09-10-2020 Paring: ma/di 28/29 09-2020 (heb een lang
weekend gepland).
3e ronde: vr  23-10-2020 Paring: zo 11-10-2020
4e ronde: vr  06-11-2020 Paring: zo 25-10-2020
5e ronde: vr  20-11-2020 Paring: zo 8-11-2020
6e ronde: vr  04-12-2020 Paring: zo 22-11-2020
7e ronde: vr. 18-12-2020 Paring: zo 6-12-2020
- Speeltempo 45 min. + 60 sec.
Partijen moeten op of voor de desbetreffende vrijdag op lidraughts gespeeld worden.
Het moet gewoon mogelijk zijn om binnen die veertien dagen een partij te spelen.
Afmelding. Indien in een periode een speler toch niet kan spelen, wordt de speler niet gepaard en krijgt een remise tegen een dummy. De speler moet voor de paringen melden dat hij niet kan spelen.
Ik ga ervan uit dat dit vrijwel niet aan de orde zal zijn.
- Fair play:
Uiteraard gelden weer fair play regels. Indien er signalen zijn dat er met computerprogramma of andere hulpmiddelen gespeeld wordt, dan wordt speler uit klassement gehaald en partijen verloren verklaard. Daarmee benadeelt de desbetreffende speler eveneens zijn team. Voor de overige teamleden – indien men vermoedens heeft - natuurlijk een drijfveer om het volledige team “fair play” te houden.
Daarnaast geef ik mezelf het recht om spelers te weigeren. Niet omdat bij die spelers valsspelen is vastgesteld, maar om hen tegen zichzelf te beschermen.
- Nadeel: teamgenoten treffen. Omdat het een persoonlijk toernooi is, is de kans natuurlijk vrij groot om teamgenoten te treffen. Dan kunnen er minder punten verdeeld worden. Ik ga ervan dat dit nadeel voor ieder team ongeveer even groot zal zijn. Is er een onderlinge teampartij dan mag men een remise overeenkomen. Uiteraard is het natuurlijk leuker om ook die partij gewoon te spelen.
- Opgave voor: 10 september 2020 bij Als het een team betreft: vermelding teamnaam, namen leden team, e-mail adressen leden team, nicknames leden team in lidraughts 
- Bij minimaal 30 spelers gaat het toernooi door (ik ga ervan uit dat er dan in ieder geval zeven teams gevormd kunnen worden).
- Paringen worden via Toernooimanager gedaan.
- Bij onvoorziene omstandigheden beslist de wedstrijdleiding. En dat is ondergetekende, die uiteraard wordt ondersteund door anderen.
- Verdere informatie wordt zo spoedig mogelijk in Toernooibase gedeeld (zoals handleidingen lidraughts etc.).
- Eventueel ook met adviezen hoe via het gebruik van chatbox en een één op één verbinding via Skype het contact met tegenstander leuker kan worden.
Piet Bouma, 29 augustus/29th August 2020
 Gewijzigd op 28-09-2020.