Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup 2021


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Timecontrol: Fischertempo, 45 minutes + 30 seconds/move
 08-05-2021 Piet Bouma:


Many missed opportunities in the last round of the Eighties Cup

Yesterday the last round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup was played. Although there are still some loose ends. It was a remarkable round, where a lot of tension was present in the games.

Let’s go once by exception in reverse order:

In the group India 2 everything was already clear two weeks ago: Sanjeev Vaid was the winner, Simranjot Kaur finished second and Jasmeet Kaur ended third.
The first group India was last week already won by Hirdik, who did not come in action yesterday evening. Satendra Singh has the silver medal after winning his game, but around third place there are still three contenders: Rudraksh Mittal, Ashish Sharma and Ekta Singh, who plays this evening against Shiven Khanna. Also Ashish Sharma has to play against Shiven Khanna. Uncertain is when and if this match will be played.
There were in total 16 participants from India in the tournament, and that was (after the Dutch participation) the largest group from abroad. Of course, they are all beginners in draughts, but we hope that Rohit Sharma with his Sports draught federation India will continue the good work, and will make India in Asia a country that can compete with Mongolia and China in the future. We wish him a lot of success.
Third classes:
3D: Raymond Vandecaetsbeek from Belgium got here the overall victory, but his Italian opponent Loris  Cicchirillo had yesterday evening the better classical position and only lost by an unnecessary mistake in the end of the game. Joke van der Meijden got second place and Herman Pijnenburg managed the third place.
3C: Here Italian Gianluca Spessato ended first. His game against Sophie Boulenger could not be played, because her account on lidraughts was closed. Silver was for Dré Peeters (first a piece win and then a kingshot for the two points) and Sophie (France) ended third. Manas Mahajan from India scored his first point, but he missed a certain win of a piece and later also a better chance. 
3B: Here Roy Verveer was already certain of the final victory. His opponent Joseph Jans missed yesterday however a simple “Haarlemmer”. Verveer won finally. Jannick Lanting (2e) won the medalgame against Hanny de Vaal-Kokshoorn (3e). Debuting Willem Lep on lidraughts missed a winning manoeuvre against Luca Manzana (Italy). Draw at the end.
3A: Here Piet Zegers was the big man. Yesterday he won his game with a kingshot and ended with 12 out of 7. Second place was close: Jan Starke was the luckiest on mutual result before Eric van ‘t Hof who won yesterday against number four Ron de Vaal, who placed an indefensible outpost on the “graveyard”. Here Pranay Vadhere from India got his first win against Mathieu Alavoine from France.
2nd class: Here Douwe Douma and Hans van Dijk were winners and ended first and second. Pietro Ros from Italy got third place by a draw against John Folkers. But Folkers had mate in one at one point.. Also Rob Everts missed a winning forcing against Dieter van Gortel.
1st class: Here Henk Kamminga did win the group because of mutual result (win) against Jan de Vos. But Kamminga had luck because bronze medallist Emanuele Danese from Italy missed in good position a certain win. De Vos had a nice sacrifice against Jean-Louis Farcy from France, which resulted in the two points. Henri Grau missed a beautiful manoeuvre with his king against Piet Dijkstra and then got no further than a draw.
Premier class: Here everything was very close. Mickaël Carton from France became overall winner (with a draw), but in his game against Piet Leijenaar he also missed a surprising “silent move”. Simon Behalal from Belgium finished with a win second, while Krzysztof Juszczak became third. He got two “free” points because of some sad circumstances. Remarkable was how Clemens Crucius lost the win against Radjendrath Kalloe.
Top Amateurs: Coen Bommel won this group. But in his match last night he went by the edge. Opponent Fabian Snijder held the win (and also the overall win), but failed. Sietse Nagel ended second and Snijder became third.
At the Masters the three matches all ended surprisingly in an equivalent draw. Good-old CMF Wiel Maertdorf became the winner, because of his better result against Jan van de Veen (second). Alex Boxum took here the third place.
Grandmasters: MI Michel Stempher was last week already tournament winner after his draw against MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop (Senegal). Yesterday he played again a draw against Maguette Niang also from Senegal. Second and third place are not yet forgiven. GMI Allan Igor Morena Silva (Brasil) did not show up for his game against MF Moreno Monzana from Italy. Hopefully the game will still be played this weekend, but there has not been contact from Brasil at this moment. Ibrahima Gaye from Senegal played a very complicated game against MF Peter van der Stap. It was I believe the famous “Leningrader variation”. Around the thirtieth move, Van der Stap's advantage was convincing, but on the 40th move, Gaye could suddenly have reached the draw. He missed this opportunity, so Van der Stap won and has a certain third place but it depends on the result of Silva whether he can still be second.
Rene Wijpkema, who started this tournament slow, finished well with a fantastic combination from the Keller-opening against Diop and thus came to an average score.

So still some matches for medals must be played, but the tournament is for most competitors finished. I like to thank all players for their sportive participation and their patience when in this internet competition things worked not smoothly. Sometimes I had to be quite patient myself…
Congratulations to the virtual medallists with their strong play.
I have still some doubts about a continuation with a new tournament. There may be relaxation in the corona measures in the close future, which maybe also make it possible to physically play draughts (outdoors?). And that is of course much more fun.
When there is a follow-up, I will announce it as soon as possible through the usual social media channels.

For now, many thanks for the draughtsfun and stay in good health!

Piet Bouma

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 30-04-2021 Piet Bouma:


Sixth round Eighties Cup:  Some winners are known!

After the sixth round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup in three groups we have  today a winner, but still there is a lot of tension in other groups.
At the Grandmasters MI Michel Stempher won on Tuesday his postponed match at the top against GMI Allan Igor Moreno Silva, but the leader of the pack plays tomorrow (maybe a decisive game) against MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop. 
Silva today played a draw with René Wypkema. MF Peter van der Stap won his game against Maguette Niang, while MF Moreno Manzana lost on the clock against Ibrahima Gaye. So we have three players at this moment at the third place.
Wiel Maertzdorf  made today a very impressive positional victory and now equals with Jan van de Veen at the Masters. Alex Boxum (also two points today) on third place has still chance to be the winner in this group.
Coen Bommel has a steady lead in the Top Amateurs. This evening he won against Renzo Rubele although the Belgium/Italian player missed a standard combination in the right wing lock. Fabian Snijder joined with a victory the players Sietse Nagel and Giovanni Fava (he had a lot of luck with a draw against Hans van Hal), who are now two points behind.
In the Premier Class Mickaël Carton took the lead by winning last Wednesday against former leader Radjendrenath Kalloe. In third place no fewer than five players who have scored 6 out of 6!
Henk Kamminga took the sole lead in the 1st class. Also Emanuele Danese and Jean-Louis Farcy won their games, and improved their position in the classification. Jan de Vos (at second place) had luck that Piet Rozenboom did not see a simple profit of a piece.
In the 2nd class in all games a decision. Douwe Douma is now in the lead (here Dieter van Gortel had a winning move on his hands, but lost), followed by winners Hans van Dijk (at one point) and Jeremy Pauwels (who is now with defeated Pietro Ros on two points).
Third classes:
3A: Piet Zegers and Ron de Vaal made victories and are one and two in the rankings. Eric van ‘t Hof (plays on Monday) can get equal on the second place.
3B: Roy Verveer is here the winner. He can no longer be traced. Hanny de Vaal-Kokshoorn and Willem Lep took this evening two points. De Vaal- Kokshoorn and Janick Lanting will in the next round fight for the second place.
3C: Here things are not really clear. Dré Peeters won today by a message of cheating by his opponent in lidraughts. We are still investigating at both players wat has happened, because some similar message appeared in the Fitter Brein Lidraughs Tournament, where nothing was wrong. The player from India Manas Mahajan did not show up, so maybe his game against Joop van den Brink will be played later.
3D: Here Raymond Vandecaetsbeek, Joke van der Meijden and Herman Pijnenburg were the winners. In the rankings this is the same order. Vandecaetsbeek is already winner of the group, because even when he loses next game, his earlier victory against Van der Meijden is decisive.
India group 1: Hirdik had his sixth victory (but his opponent Ekta Singh missed a few winning chances) and is now on the rule of mutual result already winner. Congratulations to this debuting player of India!
Satendra Singh and Rudraksh Mittal will fight next week who will be second and third (maybe Ashish Sharma has a little chance to be third).
So next week in the last round – planned on Friday May 7th -  the final rankings will be made, where the rules of the eighties of the last century: mutual result and SB with a tie in points are the following criteria.
As a follow up of the Eighties Cup there is an idea for a Dutch Open online in June in collaboration with the KNDB, but first we want to await possible relaxation of the measures surrounding Covid-19. When terraces also open in the evening in the Netherlands, club draughts on terraces seems to be a nice alternative. 
This will become clear in mid-May. But first of course the ending of the Eighties Cup next Friday. See you then!

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 24-04-2021 Piet Bouma:


Leaders under pressure in Eighties Cup

In the fifth round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup leaders in several groups feel the breath of the pursuers.
At the Grandmasters the leaders did not come in action yesterday. GMI Allan Igor Moreno Silva had to work and could not play. The game will probably be rescheduled for Tuesday, because opponent MI Michel Stempher had other things this weekend.
Maguette Niang played a fast draw against countryman Ibrahima Gaye, while René Wijpkema did win after a kingshot against MF Moreno Manzana, who had still the draw at his fingertips. MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop and MF Peter van der Stap are playing this evening.
In the Masters also one game is rescheduled for tomorrow. Jan van de Veen got a victory against CMF Kumar Sookram. Wiel Maertzdorf and Alex Boxum shared the points. Maertzdorf still can catch up with Van de Veen.
In the group Top Amateurs Sietse Nagel defeated Coen Bommel suddenly at the end of the game. Also Giovanni Fava won, and with Renzo Rubele they came closer at one point to list leader Bommel.
At the Premier class leader Radjendrenath Kalloe lost surprisingly against Simon Behalal. Clemens Crucius and Mickaël Carton did not take full advantage (both played a draw), but they are now one point behind. Crucius had a little bit luck, because Gerrit Terpstra had a winning forcing/silent move (shown by Dieter van Gortel) which had ended the game immediately.
Henk Kamminga played a nice classical game in the 1st class with a win and came up with Jan de Vos. Gerard de Bruin did win with a kingshot against Henri Grau and is also closing in. A lot of players still have a chance to the overall victory.

In the 2nd class Douwe Douma did good business with a win against John Folkers. He is now equal with Pietro Ros who was lucky that Rob Everts did not see a winning combination. Also here a lot of tension in the rankings with still six players within two points.
Third classes:
3A: Here Piet Zegers took the lead with a positional victory against Nel Lindhout. Eric van ‘t Hof (today a draw against Christopher Perez) and Ron de Vaal (two points against Pranay Vadhera) follow one point behind.
At 3B Roy Verveer is almost certain of the overall victory after his fifth win. Janick Lanting got the two points from Bhuranyu Mahajan while Luca Manzana and Joseph Jans are playing this evening.
In 3C Italian Gianluca Spessato and Francaise Sophie Boulenger have still no points lost. They both won their games yesterday. Manas Mahajan from India played a very good game against Sophie but in the end he had to accept his third defeat. 
3D: Both programmed games ended in a draw (Joke van der Meijden had the win in her hands), so Raymond Vandecaetsbeek is still leader while not playing in this round.
Groups India:
In the first group Hirdik has now 10 out of 5 and it seems that no one can follow him. Satendra Singh is two points behind. Mayank Singh is out of competition and will not play anymore.
The group India 2 is already finished. Here Sanjeev Vaid is the winner with 8 out of 4. Simranjot Kaur became second (6 out of 4) and Jasmeet Kaur ended third. All matches ended in a decision!.
Well still some important results have yet to come in. Next round is on Friday April 30 at 19.30 hrs. Of course semi-live on Toernooibase. See you then! 

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 17-04-2021 Piet Bouma:


Never a dull moment at the Eighties Cup!

The fourth round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup was again a remarkable one. At the Grandmasters it started yesterday afternoon when Ibrahima Gaye and MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop played at 16.00 hrs. their game. Gaye was forty minutes late and then after 27 moves he lost his internet connection. So a little bit consternation afterwards while in lidraughts a draw was noted. Diop however agrees to replay the game. A new date is not certain yet, because he plays this weekend a tournament in Italy. Well a sporty gesture from Diop. 
Leader MI Michel Stempher played a fast draw against René Wijpkema. A chance for both Maguette Niang and GMI Allan Igor Moreno Silva to get to the top. Niang lost surprisingly in an exciting game against MF Moreno Manzana where he missed in the endgame a settlement to a draw. Silva was also about thirty minutes late (what a stress again for the organizer) but MF Peter van der Stap was fortunately still on-line. And the talented young Brazilian grandmaster played this time very secure with a devastating attack through the centre. So he joins now Stempher in the lead.

CMF Wiel Maertdorf won at the Masters a piece against leader Jan van de Veen, which was enough for the victory. Spectacular was the game between Alex Boxum and MF Luca Lorusso. The Italian master made a narrow escape with a surprising combination. Harry Kolk made a nice positional victory against Kees Hazen. Five players are here very close in the rankings.
In the group Top Amateurs Coen Bommel missed a chance (with a beautiful combination) to increase his lead against Hans van Hal. Only Fabian Snijder did win in this group. Sietse Nagel (maybe distracted by the fireworks in Leeuwarden because of the promotion of Cambuur!) saw no fireworks of his opponent. The kingshot of Fabian was then decisive.
Kathy Verstraete (she probably had a winning forcing) scored her first point against runner up Renzo Rubele.

At the Premier Class Krzysztof Juszczak made a very impressive victory with good centre play and nice defence against Simon Behalal. Second winner was Piet Leijenaar who in a good position took advantage of a blunder by his opponent. Radjendrenath Kalloe is still the leader in this group.
Henk Kamminga won in the 1st class against the leader Jan de Vos, who chose a risky game plan. The other games were all draws. And, according to the computer programs, the balance in this three games was never broken.
In the 2nd  class Pietro Ros, Douwe Douma and Dieter van Gortel (the last two players with some nice but not so difficult kingshots) won their games. Pietro has still the lead, but is followed by four players with five points.

Third classes:
3A: Eric van ‘t Hof, Jan Starke (his opponent from India was late, while playing time is already late in India) and Mathieu Alavoine were winners. Eric van ‘t Hof leads with full house and has one more game to catch up.
3B: Janick Lanting, Joseph Jans (also his opponent from India showed up very late) did get a victory. The game between Roy Verveer and Luca Manzana was not played, because Luca communicated last minute that he could unexpected not play. The game is rescheduled to Wednesday.
3C: Here Gianluca Spessato and Leny van der Gaag-Pronk managed to win. Manas Mahajan had chances to get a draw against the Italian player, but lost in the end. Spessato is leader of the pack with 6 out of 3, but both Dré Peeters and Sopie Boulenger can catch up with 4 out of 2.
3D: Raymond Vandecaetsbeek stays the leader without playing. Joke van der Meijden is runner up with her second victory.
Groups India:
In the first group Hirdik got his fourth victory and seems the best player. One game was not played.
In the second group also one game was not played. Simranjot Kaur is after a victory now leader with Sanjeev Vaid, who had a free round.
Well still some games have to be played, and yesterday a lot of communication with some players who did not show up at planned time which is not nice for the organization and the opponents. But still a lot of beautiful games to follow semi-live.
Next round is planned at Friday 23 April 19.30 hrs. See you then (hopefully on time!).

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 10-04-2021 Piet Bouma:


Tension at the top at Grandmasters Eighties Cup

Yesterday most of the games of the third round were played in the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup.
At the Grandmasters MI Michel Stempher lost his first point against MF Moreno Manzana who defended well his position. Maguette Niang came alongside by a victory against MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop. Both players have now five points. Also GMI Allan Igor Moreno Silva can track them down when he wins his game this evening (20.30 hrs.), which is rescheduled. Just like the game of the previous round:  a wonderful duel against Niang.
In the second group, the Masters, Heorhi Vydzerka had to redraw from the tournament. He is playing now unexpected in the Belarusian Championship (and on the lead!) and afterwards in EC Youth Russian Draughts in Turkey, which he could not combine with the Eighties Cup. Jan van de Veen has now full house with 6 out of 3. Also CMF Wiel Maertzdorf (nice classical play) and Alex Boxum won. They follow with 3 out of 2. 
Coen Bommel has the lead at the Top Amateurs. He got a victory against Giovanni Fava with a Coup de l’Expresse. Also Julien Clément got two points in the longest game of the day (they started a little bit later) against Kathy Verstraete who missed in the late midgame chances to a draw.
In the Premier Class Radjendrenath Kalloe also leads by three victories. He won already at Wednesday against Piet Leijenaar. Diego Signorini (who missed earlier in the game a nice combination) and Mickaël Carton did win yesterday, and are in pursuit with Clemens Crucius.
Jan de Vos is the list leader in the 1st class with a clean sheet. He won a piece with a simple combination in his game with Emanuele Danese and got the two points. Henk Kamminga did also get a win in this round and is now third after fellow clubmate Piet Dijkstra.
Three draws and a strange victory of Dieter van Gortel were the results in the second class. And this means that seven of the eight players are within a point of each other. It is unpredictable how this will end. Exciting!
The third classes:
3A: Nel Lindhout is on the lead after a win with a kingshot against Mathieu Alavoine. The game between Eric van ‘t Hof and Piet Zeegers was not played, because of illness of Piet. We wish him good recovery and we will see when game can be rescheduled. The meeting between Christopher Perez and Pranay Vadhera is planned today at 20.00 hrs. Amsterdam time.
3B: Roy Verveer got his third victory in a row. Also Hanny de Vaal-Kokshoorn and Joseph Jans scored two points and are the pursuers.
3C: Sophie Boulenger and Dré Peeters were here the winners and share the lead with Gianluca Spessato who had a free round. It could be different because both Manas Mahajan and Leny van der Gaag-Pronk missed winning combinations.
3D: Raymond Vandecaetsbeek lost his first point against Herman Pijnenburg. Jan Hiemstra won yesterday and is now in second place. Ties Willems did not show up for the second time without any communication and is removed from the tournament, so in this group we unfortunately continue with six players.
Groups India:
In the first group one game was not played. Hirdik leads here with 6 out of three. Also Ekta Singh and Satendra Singh did win, and follow with 4 out of three.
At India 2 Sanjeev Vaid had won all his games. Here Simranjot Kaur is the runner up with two points behind.
Well still some games to go including the topduel between Allan Igor Moreno Silva and Ibrahima Gaye. Next round is planned on Friday April 16 at 19.30 hrs. Amsterdam time.
See you then again! 

 Gewijzigd op 10-04-2021.
 05-04-2021 Piet Bouma:

Heorhi Vydzerka redraws from tournament (Masters) because of participation at Championship of
Belarus and European Championship Youth Russian Draughts (Turkey) from April 8 to May 2.
His results are skipped from the tournament (games will still be in Toernooibase).

 03-04-2021 Piet Bouma:

Second round Eighties Cup: combinations!

Yesterday evening the second round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup. With some spectacular combinations. At the Grandmasters the game between Ibrahima Gaye and René Wijpkema, black played a partie-Bonnard, which exploded in a king for the Senegalese player. The king was catched and at the end again from a sort of ´Bonnard position´ Wijpkema made a combination to a draw.  MI Michel Stempher won in a complicated game against MF Peter van der Stap with a combination at the end and took the lead. GMI Allan Igor Moreno Silva did not show up and also has not responded at e-mail so far. Hopefully his game can be rescheduled. The other game between Moreno Monzana and Aboubacar Sadikh Diop will be played this evening.
In the group Masters CMF Wiel Maertzorf did win against CMF Heorhi Vydzerka, who ran for the second time in a combination in a classic position. Jan van de Veen took the lead by winning against Harry Kolk, with a piece gain in broad daylight. Also here one game is rescheduled for this evening.
At the Top Amateurs all four games ended in a decision. Here Giovanni Fava won with a (forced?)  little combination, while Renzo Rubele took the two points with an accurate endgame. Sietse Nagel and Coen Bommel (who has the 100% score) made positional victories.
In the Premier class Radjendrenath Kalloe got his second win with a nice trick at the end of the game. Clemens Crucius got the second place with a very convincing positional victory.
Jan de Vos has the lead in the 1st class with a lucky endgame. Also Piet Dijkstra and Jean-Louis Farcy (strong classical play) got here two points.
Young Italian Pietro Ros won in the 2nd class with a little forcing/combination, while John Folkers managed to win a blitz duel (both players played very fast). Jeremy Pauwels made a nice classical lock which resulted very easy into the two points.
In the third classes there was also a lot of excitement. 
3A: Eric van ‘t Hof won two pieces by a Coup de ricochet. Ron de Vaal won a piece by locking in the opening the position of his opponent.
3B: Here Hanny de Vaal-Kokshoorn and Roy Verveer were the winners.
3C: Sophie Boulenger won with a Coup Weiss after she earlier lost a piece with an easy trick. And Gianluca Spessato took five in a row, with a winning endgame.
3D: Raymond Vandecaetsbeek got a present of two pieces, so his win got inevitable. Also Patrick Carton did get a gift of one piece which was enough for the victory.
India: In the first group two games were played, but also two games did not succeed. Maybe they will be played later. In the second group Sanjeev Vaid took the lead by his second victory.
At last this: I notice that some (foreign) players still use the challenge mode of lidraughts. I strongly recommend to use the API which is created in Toernooibase. Now, sometimes players are waiting because they use different procedure. The procedure with Toernooibase is simple, clear and easy. Please read all how to do this:
Next round will be played at Friday, April 9 at 19.30 hrs. Hopefully some postponed games will then be played.  See you then!


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 27-03-2021 Piet Bouma:

Eighties Cup: We're on our way!

The Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup started yesterday evening. With some hick-ups and at some games with significant delay, but 36 games were played.

At the Grandmasters MI Michel Stempher won an exciting game against Ibrahima Gaye, while Maguette Niang made a forcing for a piece ahead against René Wypkema which was also enough for two points. MF Moreno Manzana got a lot of pressure from MF Peter van der Stap, but he managed with some sacrifices to get a draw. The game between GMI Allan Igor Moreno Silva and MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop is rescheduled for today at 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time.
In the Masters Group Harry Kolk played a nice half-open classic against CMF Kumar Sookram with a victory. Also Jan van de Veen won against Kees Hazen. MF Luca Lorussa made a draw with CMF Wiel Maertzdorf. The game between CMF Heorhi Vydzerka and Alex Boxum is rescheduled for Sunday. The Belarussian player is simultaneously participant in the Belarussian youth championships and he forgot his appointment in lidraughs. 
Only one decision in the group Top Amateurs. Coen Bommel defeated Kathy Verstraete, a returning former Belgium player, we all know from Belgium women championships in the nineties of the last century. Sietse Nagel missed a strong positional move against Hans van Hal.
Also one decision in the Premier Class. Radjendrenath Kalloe won against Krzystof Jusczak, although Krzystof missed a winning combination to king.
In the 1st class three winners: Henri Grau(strong positional game), Jan de Vos and Emanuele Danese. Emanuele played a strange game against Piet Rozenboom. With a sacrifice which seemed not good, he created a winning position.

Douwe Douma and Rob Everts won with easy combinations in the 2nd class. Here the game Hans van Dijk – Pietro Ros will be played this afternoon at 17.00 hrs.
The third classes:
3A: Christopher Perez, Eric van t Hof and Piet Zegers won their games.
3B: Roy Verveer took here the lead by a win against Janick Lanting. About the game Bhuranyu Mahajan – Luca Manzana there is still no news.
3C: In this group Wil Janssen withdrew, so now only two games in a round. Dré Peeters en Gianluca Spessato won their first games.
3D: Three decisions. Joke van der Meijden, Loris Cicchirillo and Raymond Vandecaetsbeek got the two points.
At last minute a second India group was composed. However because some nicknames of lidraughts are not known, it is not sure that the games are played. But there is space in the schedule to catch up with matches.
In the first group India all games ended in a decision. These are beginning draughts players, where you can see they have still a lot to learn, but we are delighted that they want to participate in this tournament.
Next round is planned on Friday, April 2. In Europe the clock is then at Summertime, so that is a little bit complicated. A new document with timeslots will be published in Toernooibase.
See you next Friday!


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 22-03-2021 Piet Bouma:

Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup starts on Friday!

Well with 85 participants the Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup begins on Friday 26 March. 
There are 44 players from the Netherlands and 41 players from other countries.
With eleven players from India, where we created in consultation with the Sportsdraught federation India a special group for eight players who can play on local time. Also ten players from Italy, six players from France, four players from Belgium and three players both from Germany and Senegal.

All participants have received information about the tournament, which also can be found at the tournament page of Toernooibase, where also all pairings in all classes are published (under the link Alle resultaten – All results after the link of selected class/category).

In the group “Grandmasters” we have participation from GMI Allen Igor Moreno Silva (Brasil), the three Senegalese players MF Aboubacar Sadikh Diop, Ibrahima Gaye and Maguette Niang (all three scored very well in the Provincie Cup), MF Moreno Manzana from Italy. And three favourites from the Netherlands: MI Michel Stempher, MF Peter van der Stap and René Wijpkema.
At the “Masters” participation of five players from the Netherlands: Alex Boxum, Kees Hazen, CMF Wiel Maertzdorf,  Harry Kolk and Jan van de Veen. Completed with the foreign players: MF Luca Lorusso (Italy), CMF Kumar Sookram (Trinidad & Tobago) and CMF Heorhi Vydzerka (Belarus), the winner of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Summer Cup 2020.
Surprisingly there is a lot of participation in the lower classes (more recreational players), so we have formed four equivalent groups 3rd classes (one of eight players and three of seven players, so here every time a player has a free round).

I hope for a beautiful tournament. Of course, online playing will cause some difficulties, but I think – with the experience of the other tournaments – that with a flexible attitude of players we can make it a big sportive draughts success.
So, in the words of participant Moreno Manzana: “Can’t wait to start the tournament!”.
See you on Friday at 19.30 hrs Amsterdam time.

 Gewijzigd op 22-03-2021.
 21-03-2021 Piet Bouma:

Information for all players at: Mededelingen/Announcements

 17-02-2021 Piet Bouma:


Back to the eighties!
(for Dutch version, see below)
In the early eighties of the last century things in draughts world were quite simple. The Swiss system was used very little and round robin tournaments were the most popular.
Let’s go back to the eighties! 
The Provincie Cup is ending about five weeks and I introduce a new tournament: the 
Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup
This because I think that under the current circumstances physical live play still we be impossible (although I hope the opposite).
Format: Groups of eight players in a round robin tournament. So seven rounds which must be manageable in seven weeks. Competition schedule is known in advance, so another appointment can be made, when one is prevented to play on fixed date.
Playing in rating groups, so players will meet roughly the same playing strength.
I hope that also stronger players, who now act mostly quite anonymously in quick games on lidraughts, will participate in this tournament. 
Rating groups which I suggest (KNDB-rating):
Grandmastergroup: > 1450
Mastergroup: 1350 – 1450
Top amateurs: 1250 – 1350
Premier class: 1150 -1250
1st class: 1050 – 1150
2d class: 950 – 1050
3d class: < 950
One or two women groups. Especially interesting for the top women players who want to compete among themselves.
Juniors: top youth players with the same argument as above.
So, when we got the estimated ten groups: eighty players, who can play in the Eighties Cup.
Timecontrol: 45 min. + 30 sec/move.
Definitive groups will be formed on the amount of subscriptions.
Playing dates, Fridays on 19.30 hrs. Amsterdam time on Lidraughts.
When players from a long distance (other continents) participate, Saturday will be considered as the match day for those situations as an alternative option. In that case I will also show a timetable with suitable times for these players. I assume that everyone will deal with this flexibly (playing on Saturdays). 
Round 1: 26-03- 2021 Round 5: 23-04-2021 
Round 2: 02-04-2021 Round 6: 30-04-2021
Round 3: 09-04-2021 Round 7: 7-05-2021
Round 4: 16-04-2021
Tiebreak rules: When players end equal on points, we also use the eighty rules: mutual result and SB. When this is equal, players will be classified ex-aequo. 
Players without a KNDB-rating get an estimated rating. Players with FMJD-rating get a calculated KNDB rating with the formula used by FMJD.
Subscriptions before Sunday14 March 2021 at the usual address:
With name, email address, nickname lidraughts and preference (especially for women and youth) for group.
After this date as soon as possible the groups will be formed, schedule, further regulations and manuals will be published.


Piet Bouma

Back to the eighties!
In de beginjaren tachtig van de vorige eeuw was alles in de damwereld nog vrij eenvoudig. Het Zwitsers systeem werd nog maar weinig gebruikt en gewone round robin toernooien waren het meest populair.
Laten we terug gaan naar die jaren tachtig!
De Provincie Cup eindigt na zo’n vijf weken en ik introduceer een nieuw toernooi: de 
Toernooibase Lidraughts Eighties Cup
Dit omdat ik denk dat de huidige omstandigheden het normale fysieke live spelen nog steeds onmogelijk zullen maken (hoewel ik het tegendeel hoop).
Toernooiopzet: Groepen van acht spelers in een round robin toernooi. Daardoor zeven ronden wat in zeven weken gespeeld kan worden. Het competitieschema is vooraf bekend, zodat een andere afspraak gemaakt kan worden, als men op een speeldag is verhinderd.
Spelen in groepen op rating, zodat spelers ongeveer dezelfde speelsterkte treffen.
Ik hoop dat ook de sterke spelers, die nu meestal vrij anoniem in blitzpartijtjes op lidraughts acteren, ook gaan deelnemen in het toernooi.
Ratinggroepen waaraan ik denk (KNDB-rating):
Grootmeestergroep: > 1450
Meestergroep: 1350 – 1450
Top amateurs: 1250- 1350
Hoofdklasse: 1150-1250
1e klasse: 1050-1150
2e klasse: 950-1050
3e klasse: < 950
Eén of twee vrouwengroepen. Vooral interessant voor de topvrouwen, die een onderling toernooi willen spelen.
Dus, als we de geschatte tien groepen krijgen: tachtig spelers, die in de Eighties Cup kunnen meedoen.
Speeltijd, zoals bij de laatste Toernooibase Lidraughts toernooien: 45 min. + 30 sec/zet.
Definitieve groepen worden geformeerd aan de hand van de binnengekomen aanmeldingen.
Speeldata, vrijdags om 19.30 u. op
Wanneer er spelers van verre afstand (andere continenten) meedoen, gaat als uitwijkmogelijkheid de zaterdag als speeldag voor die situaties gelden. In dat geval ga ik ook een tijdtabel met geschikte tijden weergeven voor deze spelers. Ik ga ervan uit dat iedereen hier flexibel (op zaterdag spelen) mee om wil gaan.

Ronde 1: 26-03- 2021 Ronde 5: 23-04-2021 
Ronde 2: 02-04-2021 Ronde 6: 30-04-2021
Ronde 3: 09-04-2021 Ronde 7: 7-05-2021
Ronde 4: 16-04-2021
Plaatsing bij gelijk eindigen: Als spelers eindigen met hetzelfde aantal wedstrijdpunten, gaan we de jaren tachtig regels hanteren: onderling resultaat en SB. Wanneer dit ook gelijk is worden spelers ex-aequo geklasseerd.
Spelers zonder KNDB rating krijgen een geschatte rating. Spelers met een FMJD-rating krijgen een berekende geschatte KNDB-rating volgens de formule die bij de FMJD wordt gehanteerd.
Inschrijvingen voor zondag 14 maart 2021 naar het gebruikelijke emailadres:
Onder vermelding van naam, emailadres, nickname en voorkeur (special voor vrouwen en jeugd) voor groep.
Na deze datum zullen de groepen zo spoedig mogelijk worden gevormd, speelschema, verdere regels en handleidingen worden toegevoegd.
Piet Bouma


 Gewijzigd op 21-03-2021.