Toernooibase Lidraughts Summer Cup 2020


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Timecontrol: Fischertempo, 45 minutes + 60 seconds/move
 10-07-2020 Piet Bouma:


Well, after the first part of the second round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Summer Cup still some youngsters on the lead, with two young topplayers from Belarus: Danila Lapchuk and Heorhi Vydzerka. Some favorites for the rankings like Erik van de Weerdhof, Katrinus Posthumus and Piotr Paluch (Poland) have also full house at this moment. One game is not played because the black player did not appear in lidraughts. Maybe tomorrow? 
Tomorrow (11-07-2020) still five games will be played, with the top players Makendy Saint Juste (USA) and Michel Stempher.
Four games will be live covered from ca. 19.30 hrs. (Amsterdam time) at a livestream with comments from Martijn van Gortel on Youtube. He will sure also take a flashback to the games which were played today. We also plan some players visible on webcams at a livestream (ca. 19.00 hrs.) from Toernooibase at Youtube.

So join the livestreams tomorrow!

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 09-07-2020 Piet Bouma:

Because of an incident during the game today,
there will be a replay between Gerrit Terpstra and Aike de Vries tomorrow 16.00 hrs.

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 05-07-2020 Piet Bouma:


Pairing round 2. Besides the pullback of Christian Tiaya and Wouter van Beek, Gert Bosker does not play this round. He plays on the Heerhugowaard Open this week. He gets a draw against Dummy. See here for the pairings, to be played on 10 july 19.00 hrs. Amsterdam time on lidraughts.(Only when players both agree to play earlier after consultation each other on the messenger service of lidraughts, this can be accepted).
Players don’t get an e-mail from me!

Five selected topgames for live on Youtube on 11-07-2020 (19.00 hrs. Amsterdamt time at lidraughts):
Piotr Paluch – Alexei Ovsyanko (niet mogelijk/not possible)
Fred Elgersma – Danila Lapchuk (niet mogelijk/not passible)
Jan van de Veen – Adrie Koedoot (niet mogelijk/not possible)
Fleur Kruysmulder – Rik Smit (bevestigd/confirmed, Fleur not on Skype).
Sytze Spijker – Naryiaana Sergeeva (niet mogelijk/not possible)
These players get an e-mail from me.
Additonal: Mickael Carton - Makendy Saint Juste (confirmed/bevestigd, Mickael not on Skype)
Additional:  Michel Stempher -Stef Migchelbrink (confirmed/bevestigd, Stef doubts about Skype)
Additional: Gerrit Draaisma - Ludovic Kandem (Skype not sure).

Nicknames on lidraughts you can find on the participant list on Toernooibase: Deelnemers

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 05-07-2020 Piet Bouma:
LIvestream first round
 05-07-2020 Piet Bouma:


From the second part of the 1st round (four topgames) three games were played. The game between Alexei Ovsyanko against Wouter van Beek was not played because Van Beek did not show up on 19.00 hrs. at lidraughts. Aexei waited a long time and then got the paper victory.
Much later Van Beek did appear but this was too late. Van Beek decided not to play further in the tournament.
Makendy Saint Juste beat in a very fast game Henk Kamminga, Jan Snijder lost against Michel Stempher and Dieter van Gortel played a long game against Erik van de Weerdhof, but finally had to raise the flag.
You can see the stream of yesterday with coverage of these games and also fragments of the other games from the first round on Youtube with comments of Martijn van Gortel:
Also players were visible with webcams on a livestream of Toernooibase at Youtube. 
From the four games, which were not played earlier, two games have been played on Saturday. Rik Smit got two points against Pim Broeren and Piet Rozenboom did defeat Gianluca Spessato.
Christian Tiaya did not react on any e-mail and is now out of tournament by decision referee. Amoni Afonsoewa accepts the loss by decision but plays further in tournament.


 03-07-2020 Piet Bouma:


Okay, the first part of the first round of the Toernooibase Lidraughts Summer Cup is played.
Some surprising results of youth players, especially the win of Danila Lapchuk against Theo van den Hoek.
Three games are for the time being a 2-0, because the black player did not appear at lidraughts. When the white player agrees, the game can be played  tomorrow.
One game is for the time being 1-1, because both players were on-line, but could not make contact. In this case is agreed that they play the game before next Friday. So the (virtual) draw will be standing for the next pairing on Sunday.

Tomorrow at 19.00 hrs. four topgames which will be commented by Martijn van Gortel on Youtube from 19.30 hrs. Also he will look back to the games which are played today. Link:
And also we will be planning an experimental livestream of the players with webcams while they playing. That stream will be on the Youtube channel of Toernooibase:


So join the livestreams tomorrow!


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 29-06-2020 Wytze van der Meulen:

Iedereen succes en maak er een mooi toernooi van

 28-06-2020 Jan Snijder:

Voor degene die tegen Albert Hendrik loten .Hij kan niet op de vrijdagavond !!!

Dus zal de wedstrijden eerder moet spelen hou hier a u b rekening mee als je Albert Hendrik loot zijn nickname is alberthendrik


 27-06-2020 Piet Bouma:

Okay list of partcipants with used ratings.
Pairing round 1 (played on 03-07-2020 19.00 hrs., Amsterdam time at lidraughts) on line: Pairing round 1.

Five selected topgames for live on youtube on 04-07-2020 (19.00 hrs. Amsterdamt time at lidraughts):
Makendy Saint Juste - Henk Kamminga (confirmed/bevestigd)
Jan Snijder - Michel Stempher (confirmed/bevestigd)
Erik van de Weerdhof - Dieter van Gortel (confirmed/bevestigd)
Luitzen van der Heide - Gert Bosker (will be played at/wordt gespeeld op 30-06-2020)
Alexei Ovsyanko - Wouter van Beek (confirmed/bevestigd)
These players get an e-mail from me.

Nicknames on lidraughts you can find on the participant list on Toernooibase: Deelnemers

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 04-06-2020 Piet Bouma:


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 01-06-2020 Piet Bouma:

Toernooibase Lidraughts Summer Cup


Nu de zomertoernooien in Nederland vrijwel van de baan zijn, wil ik (in navolging van het Provinciaal Internettoernooi PFDB, dat op 1 juli stopt) een nieuw toernooi in Toernooibase organiseren met online spelen in Dit om damliefhebbers die dat willen, toch een mogelijkheid te bieden in de zomerperiode een aantal leuke partijen te spelen.


Opzet: 9 ronden Zwitsers systeem op FMJD-rating

Vier (FMJD)-ratingklassen (op basis van ratingtabel per 1-4-2020), nog nader in te delen op basis van sterkte van de deelnemers.
Speeldagen op lidraughts:
ronde 1: vrijdag 3 juli 19.00 uur
ronde 2: vrijdag 10 juli 19.00 uur
ronde 3: vrijdag 17 juli 19.00 uur
ronde 4: vrijdag 24 juli 19.00 uur
ronde 5: vrijdag 31 juli 19.00 uur
ronde 6: vrijdag 7 augustus 19.00 uur

ronde 7: vrijdag 14 augustus 19.00 uur
ronde 8 : vrijdag 21 augustus 19.00 uur
ronde 9 : vrijdag 28 augustus 19.00 uur

Speeltempo: 45 min + 1 min/zet per persoon.
(In tegenstelling tot vrijwel alle toernooien in lidraughts een speeltempo met meer bedenktijd.
Ik denk dat velen dat toch prettig vinden).

En: de vijf toppartijen op zaterdag met livestream via Youtube!
Opgave is mogeliijk tot uiterlijk 25-06-2020. Klik op deze link voor: Alle informatie

English version:

Because almost every Summer Tournament in the Netherlands is cancelled, I want to organize a new tournament in Toernooibase with online play at (a follow up of the Provincial Internet tournament PFDB, which ends on July 1st). This to offer draughts lovers  in the summer period a tournament to play some nice games.
And just as usual at a summer tournament in the Netherlands also foreign players can subscribe. 
Only restriction is that you play at the recommended Dutch time. (Because young Dutch players can then also play in the tournament).

Format: 9 rounds Swiss system on FMJD rating
Four (FMJD) rating categories (based on rating table of April 2020), to be further classified according to the strength of the participants.
Schedule on lidraughts:
round 1: Friday 3 July 2020,  19.00 hrs., (timezone Netherlands )
round 2: Friday 10 July 2020, 19.00 hrs.
round 3: Friday 17 July 2020, 19.00 hrs..
round 4: Friday 24 July 2020, 19.00 hrs.
round 5: Friday 31 July 2020, 19.00 hrs.
round 6: Friday 7 August 2020, 19.00 hrs.
round 7: Friday 14 August 2020, 19.00 hrs.
round 8: Friday 21 August 2020, 19.00 hrs.
round 9: Friday 28 August 2020, 19.00 hrs.
Playing time: 45 min + 1 min / move per person
(In contrast to almost all tournaments in lidraughts, a pace of play with a lot of time.
I think many people like this).
And: every saterday livestream of five topgames on Youtube!

Registration is possible till 25-06-2020. Click on link for all information: All information

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