Welcom at the tournamentroom.

In this tournamentrooma, a user of Tournamentbase can post all things around the tournament.
It can be used to encourage the participants, there can be pictures or movies
of users (some knowledge of HTML code is then necessary ) posted.

It is not allowed to upload or place articles, photos, etc. on which copyrights rest.
However, links may be placed to websites or for example on which the articles or photos are placed.

Tournament organizers can place comments here and there may be general comments posted
regarding tournament results, tournament course etc. etc. In short, all kinds of things, you
can share in the tournamentroom the same things you should do live in a
tournamentroom. And without whispering.

There is one exception: there should not be spoken about an individual game. For that, just
like in a live tournament, a separate analysis space is available at the game.
And it will be appreciated if in the analysis space there is only spoken about the game. For
general cases the tournamentroom is the place to be.

I hope that the frictions, which recently occurred in the analysis area, belong to the past. For
the rest, I hope the same etiquette you will / can maintain that people also exhibit when they are present in a live tournamentroom.

And for the really fierce discussions I refer to the World Draughts Forum.

Piet Bouma.