Walloon championship (SF for BC 1984) Belgium 1983

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   Theo Willems
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 285+  152-  174=  (Perc. 60.9%)*
 * 289 regl., blitz-, rapidgames(s)
 etc. excluded from the statistics
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FMJD-Id: 10566
   Deceased foreign players 
 Participated in the following individual tournaments:
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Cup Belgium 1992
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Cup (espoir) Belgium 1992
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Cup Belgium 1991
 50-quantenaire Brussel Trophee Belgium 1991
 Walloon champioship Blitz Belgium 1991, 1e klasse
 Correspondence Championship of Belgium 1990
 NT Woluwe Shopping Center Belgium 1990
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Belgium 1990, 1e klasse
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Blitz Belgium 1990
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Blitz Belgium 1989
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Cup Belgium 1989
 Correspondence Championship of Belgium 1988
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Belgium 1988, 1e klasse
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Blitz Belgium 1988
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Cup Belgium 1988
 50-quantenaire Brussel Championship Belgium 1987, 1e klasse
 Correspondence Championship of Belgium 1986
 Championship of Belgium 1986, 1e klasse
 Brussels Championship Belgium 1985
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1985, Barrage
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1985, Kampioenscompetitie
 Walloon championship (SF for BC 1986) Belgium 1985
 Brussels Championship Belgium 1984
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1984
 Walloon championship (SF for BC 1985) Belgium 1984
 Correspondence Championship (1983-1984) of Belgium 1983
 Championship of Belgium 1983
 Brussels Championship Belgium 1983
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1983, Barrage
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1983, Kampioenscompetitie
 Walloon championship (SF for BC 1984) Belgium 1983
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1982, 1e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1982
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1982
 Walloon championship (SF for BC 1983) Belgium 1982, Hoofdklasse
 Blindfold Simultaneous exhibition at Brussels Belgium 1981
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1981, 1e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1981
 Walloon championship (SF for BC 1982) Belgium 1981
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1980, 1e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1980
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1980
 Walloon championship (SF for BC 1981) Belgium 1980
 Walloon championship Blitz Belgium 1980, 1e klasse
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1979, 1e klasse
 Semi-final for the championship of Belgium 1979, Halve Finale A
 Brussels Championship Belgium 1979, Kampioenscompetitie
 Simultan Iser Kouperman Brussels Belgium 1979
 Twelve Hours of Brussels Belgium 1979
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1978, 1e klasse
 Semifinal for the championship of Belgium 1978, Halve Finale A
 Championship of Belgium 1978
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1978, Halve Finale A
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1978, Kampioenscompetitie
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Blitz Belgium 1978
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1977, 1e klasse
 Semi-final for the championship of Belgium 1977, Halve Finale A
 Championship of Belgium 1977
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1977, Halve Finale B
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1977, Ereklasse
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Blitz Belgium 1977, Blitz
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Blitz Belgium 1977, Hoofdklasse A
 Semi-finale Championship of Belgium 1976, Halve Finale B
 IT Vichy France 1976, Promotieklasse
 Championship of Belgium 1976
 NT Charleroi Belgium 1976, Groep A1
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1976, Ereklasse
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1976, Kampioenscompetitie
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1975, 1e klasse
 Semi-final for the championship of Belgium 1975, Halve Finale B
 Championship of Belgium 1975, 1e klasse
 NT Mons Belgium 1975, Groep B
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1975, Kampioenscompetitie
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Blitz Belgium 1975, Blitz
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1974, 1e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1974, 1e klasse
 Clock simultan Damier Bruxellois Belgium 1974, Finale
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1974, Kampioenscompetitie
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Blitz Belgium 1974, Blitz
 Championship of Belgium 1973, 2e klasse
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1973, Kampioenscompetitie
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1972, 2e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1972, 1e klasse
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1972
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1971, 2e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1971, 2e klasse
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1970, 2e klasse
 Championship of Belgium 1970, 2e klasse
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1970
 Blitz Bru-ch  Belgium 1969
 Le Damier Bruxellois championship Belgium 1966, 1e klasse
 Blitz championship of Belgium 1965, 2e klasse
 Simultan Damier Bruxellois by Oscar Verpoest Belgium 1965
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