Concrex Masters Heerhugowaard KNDB 2015

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 LG Barrages Masters 
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 Laatste ingevoerde wedstrijden: 
 18-07-2015  Fin  9  Ivan Trofimov - Alexander Georgiev  0- 2 (18-07-2015) 
 18-07-2015  Fin  9  Evgeni Vatutin - Alexander Shvartsman  0- 2 (18-07-2015) 
 18-07-2015  Fin  9  Macodou N`Diaye - Alexander Getmanski  0- 2 (18-07-2015) 
 18-07-2015  Fin  9  Murodullo Amrillaev - Guntis Valneris  0- 2 (18-07-2015) 
 18-07-2015  Fin  9  Ainur Shaibakov - Martijn van IJzendoorn  2- 0 (18-07-2015) 


The Concrex Masters will be played with different rules:

"A victory in the regular game will result in 3 points and a draw will result in a tiebreak with colors alternating from the normal game. The time schedule for the tiebreak is 5 minutes plus 3 seconds for every move. When a game ends in a draw the clock will be stopped, followed immediately by a new game with the time left on the clock until a winner is known.  A win in one of 4 games of this type will result in 2 points. In case after 4 games there is still no winner the clock will be resumed (with the time left after the 4th tiebreak game) till a winner is known. The result in this phase will result in 1 point for a winner.

The tiebreak of each round will be played within 15 minutes after the last official game of this round has finished."

Website: http://www.heerhugowaardopen.nl/index.php/en/news

Because of this different rules the "virtual" results 2-0 and 1-0 (3-0 is the regular victory) will be displayed in the matrix.
The real results of the regular game (and applet) will be displayed in the results of the round under the matrix.
With the option All results, the virtual results and the real results (with a W of Dutch "Werkelijk") will be displayed from all rounds. In the category Barrage, the results and games of the Lehman-Georgiev barrages can be displayed.